Big on flavour

DESPITE the name, there’s plenty of room and bags of atmosphere at the Little Stove Cafe in Bicton.

There’s a gift shop, $12 lunch specials, loads of parking, vegan and gluten-free options, and if that wasn’t enough it’s dog-and-kid friendly.

Little Stove really has a bit of something for everyone.

The owners clearly love all things sustainable and healthy; from the edible flowers strewn throughout the menu to the locally-sourced ingredients and their support of the local bee population.

As I sat in the most secluded corner I could find, sharing my small table with an artistic long mac ($4), iced San Pellegrino ($3.50) and battle-scarred laptop, I found myself basking in that special ambience when a bustling cafe hits all the right notes.

The muffled bang as the group handle is emptied for another freshly-ground coffee, the urgent-yet-measured dinging of the service bell, and chairs noisily sliding on floorboards as another satisfied customer reluctantly leaves for the outside world.

There was a lot of fancy and innovative dishes on the menu, but I opted for the ‘Big Stove’ traditional breakfast (

The bacon had a nice crispy tail and the free range scrambled eggs, on the verge of spilling over the fresh bread, were delightful.

Rounding off the dish, the ‘Little Stove beans’ were yummy and the perfect accompaniment to the mushrooms and crisp sprouts.

Despite eating at 11.30am, probably the cafe’s busiest time of the day, I managed to park directly outside, the girl at the counter took the time to discuss the merits of scrambled or poached eggs, and water was at my table within a minute of sitting down.

The dining room is laid out so it can accommodate everyone without feeling cramped, and the staff work seamlessly, including an older gent who emerged from back of house to periodically check on things, and thank me as I left.

Little Stove has a big heart, a welcoming genuine atmosphere, and a tasteful socially-conscious menu that has enough variety to keep you coming back for a little bit more.


Little Stove Cafe
103 Harris St, Bicton
0410 202 035

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