Letters 1.6.19

Back to basics
TO save us an enormous amount of money in Fremantle in changing business names and street names signs etc why don’t we just change the name of the mayor.
Brad Pettitt has taken away Australia Day and now he wants to change the name of the city.
Councils are there for rates, roads and rubbish .
Brad, if you want to carry out social change in Australia, start your own political party.
What’s next? No Christmas, Easter or Anzac Day to prevent offending other religious groups and ethnic minorities?
Try doing something for Fremantle ratepayers, like fixing up Port Beach, try penalising landlords that are leaving dozens of buildings empty in Fremantle because they won’t meet the current market, clamp down on begging in Fremantle, stop hoons terrorising the streets at the weekend (it drives out tourists and makes it intolerable for local residents and businesses), show some leadership instead of these ill considered thought bubbles that are designed to shift focus from the real problems affecting Fremantle ratepayers and visitors.
We nearly had someone killed by a hoon doing burnouts last Saturday night. The council car park he was exiting is supposed to be bollarded at night. What happened, Brad? Too busy with your thought bubbles.
Law and order seems to be out of control in Fremantle; people are sleeping in shopping centres during the day, theft and vandalism is escalating.
Maybe the council should concentrate on accommodation for the homeless and employ more rangers to patrol the city to prevent the current plague of petty crime.
It seems that all the mayor wants to do is build himself the new $40 million council offices as a memorial to himself, and have us ratepayers endure his flights of fancy.
Anthony Brown

Great thoughts
PETER WOODWARD’S Thinking Allowed piece “Ideological wobbles” in last week’s Herald was awesome.
Only slightly undermined by his diagnosis that there is Faustian pact between the rich, elderly and the coalition.
The wash up from the election, however, shows Labor received an overall swing towards it in wealthy areas and in areas with a high proportion of retirees.
Maybe, just maybe, this demographic is voting with their grandkids in mind.
The analysis is showing that it was areas where low paid workers dominated where the coalition made inroads.
Although, keeping things in perspective, a margin of two seats is hardly a landslide. Whatever. Just let’s not demonise the people who actually responded positively to Labour’ vision for a better nation at a time when a soul destroying ‘us and them’ narrative is getting louder all the time.
John Litchfield
Glyde Street, East Fremantle

Say my name
NEITHER Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt or council sought the opinions of the residents of Fremantle when he/they decided to change Australia Day, spray the streets and buildings with bright yellow paint, invite the beggars of Perth to relocate to Fremantle, or if it made financial sense to saddle our children with a $50 million debt to build an unnecessary town hall.
So it should come as no surprise to hear of mayor Pettitt/councils plans to rename our city and local land marks from an interview.
I await with bated breath to hear what next mad scheme mayor Pettitt/council has in store for the residents of this poor city.
Bob Loftus
Beach Street, Fremantle 

I THINK many people will be either amused or incensed by the letter from ABG of Attadale about Tom Edwards, (“Comrade Chook”, Herald, May 11, 2019).
I’ll not comment on the overall tone or theme of his/her correspondence, except for one comment about World War I–“those involved in that stupid war of questionable importance”. In 1914 when Imperial Germany marched into Belgium and France and eastwards into Russia, adopting Ottoman Turkey as an ally in the process, what were other nations to do–just let it happen?
Yet again Germany–embittered by reparations post WW I–decided to start occupying most of Europe with the Japanese running riot in Asia– what were other nations to do? Essentially they had to fight back; although it took Pearl Harbour to convince the Americans to get involved.
Unfortunately, despite the carnage and suffering caused, some wars are just and have to be fought, sad as it is.
Rod Steed,
Hellam Grove, Booragoon

High stakes
AS a former Fremantle councillor, I must add support to the view expressed by ex-mayor Peter Tagliaferri regarding the role played by the city’s staff in the ongoing saga at 142 High Street (“Ex-mayor claims long time stuff-ups”, Herald, May 25, 2019).
Peter and I over the years have had many differences of opinions but we are both in agreement on this matter–the current city staff and councillors could have handled this situation far better.
Did any member of the elected council or any officer/s make an effort to speak to the owner of 142 High Street before the Supreme Court?
As a ratepayer I am concerned that the City of Fremantle elects as its first course of action litigation, over negotiation and reconciliation.
Another saga is the removal of the Arc d’Ellipses yellow art from the heritage-listed building facades in the West End.
How can yellow foil or any other adhesive material be allowed to be placed on any heritage-listed building?
Is this how we as ratepayers of Fremantle wanted to be treated by our elected council members?
Finally, this is not any pre-council election “rant” as I will not be standing as a candidate for any ward in the upcoming council election in October.
Frank Acocella
Address supplied

WOW, wow, wow.
What is that Fremantle council doing…nothing by the looks of things.
Why hasn’t mayor Brad Pettitt and his [staff] done anything about the footpath in High Street (“Ex-mayor claims long time stuff-ups”, Herald, May 25, 2019)?
This predicament has been around for years and they let it get to this state.
So I expect they think Freo ratepayers will pick up the $500,000-plus bill to pay for this “stuff-up”.

Scared of heights
I WRITE in support of Tim Chambers’ letter “A tall storey” in the Herald (May 18, 2019)
After a hard fought campaign to make the WA planning commission and the planning minister Rita Saffioti recognise the impact a 21-storey tower–proposed by the new owners of the Royal George Hotel–would have on the tightly-knit community in East Fremantle’s Plympton, we all rejoiced when Ms Saffioti announced that any development at the rear of the Hotel would be limited to a height of seven storeys.
Everyone went away and got on with their lives knowing that the fight was over.
Not so, however, as we found out recently that the government had released a revision of the R-codes which would over-ride the planning minister’s announced height cap of seven storeys.
We have had enough of this uncertainty and what appears to be a continuing attempt to frustrate the will of the vast majority of East Fremantle residents.
Please Ms Saffioti, let us know what is going on and what can we expect.
Meanwhile our historic Royal George Hotel continues to fall apart, awaiting the promised restoration by the new owners Saracen Properties.
Jono Farmer,
Sewell Street, East Fremantle

FREMANTLE is such a depressing place these days, with the exception of the cappuccino strip and South Terrace.
There’s countless places for lease, grubby pavements and lots of homeless (many there through no fault of their own).
We are told things will improve with mayor Brad Pettitt’s vision; yet all he appears interested in is changing the name of the city, just as he arbitrarily wiped Australia Day from the local map.
Perhaps there is a Noongar name for ‘Desolate’–it would be quite apt.
Geoff Dunstone
Carrington Street, Palmyra

Durex sponsor Dockers?
DOCKERS approach the game of football like it was a condom
They struggle to get it on and can never pull it off.
Glory are able to fire on all cylinders for a whole year and at the end have no lead in their pencil.
Raymond Conder
Central Avenue, Inglewood

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