Monkey business

“LOOK at me daddy!”

That’s what Shane Roberts’ five-year-old daughter used to shout when she swung across the monkey bars in the playground.

When the nipper asked for a set at their White Gum Valley home, dad was happy to oblige, but he wasn’t sure how to concrete them in.

“I was from a finance background and digging holes is not my forte.”

Modular design

With his brother’s help, Mr Roberts came up with a free-standing frame that impressed visiting parents.

Soon they were asking for a set and a cottage industry was born in the Roberts’ garden shed.

It wasn’t long before production moved to an industrial shed on Wood Street in Fremantle, and when business partner Colin Burdle came on board, Funky Monkey Bars re-located to Yangebup.

The firm quickly expanded to take up three massive sheds, and they are looking at moving again because demand is so high.

Using Mr Burdle’s mechanical engineering expertise they have designed modular monkey bars that are height-adjustable and extendable.

Thy come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including some with flying foxes, swings, punching bags, and cargo nets for climbing.

There’s adult versions that can be used for backyard strength training, and recently the company launched a range which are tall enough to perform aerial circus routines.

The monkey bars are made in Yangebup using Australian materials that are locally-sourced where possible.

Built to Australian playground safety standards, the frames are flat-packed and easy to erect at home.

“We are the Ikea of play equipment,” Mr Roberts jokes.

Funky Monkey Bars now has an office in New Zealand, and ships its frames across Australia and around the world.


Funky Monkey Bars
9 Cutting Way, Yangebup
1300 912 198

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