LETTERS 15.6.19

Stray CAT
I AM a senior living in Fremantle and use the CAT bus service on a daily basis often more than one time per day.
I am enormously grateful for the availability of both the Red and Blue CAT services.
I have mobility difficulties and have to use a walking stick.
There are some days my legs don’t want to go anywhere; a common issue for many seniors.
The drivers of the CAT bus services are a fabulous group of people who know most of us by our first name and our requirements.
They go above and beyond assisting tourists as well. Nothing is too much trouble for them.
They are warm and welcoming and brighten up a difficult day.
Unfortunately, due to a land dispute in the east end of High Street, which is part of the Red CAT route, we have lost one of the most convenient stops.
This means that there is no Red CAT stop between Target and CBC College.
We have come to learn that the footpath that runs along High St between Queen and Point Street is privately owned.
Bus stop No 5 was a very convenient stop since close by are various shops; optometrist; medical centre; podiatrist; chemist and post office.
This bus stop was also the most convenient for tourists wishing to visit the iconic Fremantle Prison.
At the very least a temporary bus stop to replace the one removed should be made available as a matter of urgency.
Is the council catering to a ratepayer’s wants above the needs of vulnerable people and a free bus service? Tourists also spend considerable amounts of money when visiting Fremantle.
Walking longer distances is not a viable option for most seniors, those with disabilities and or tourists.
Decisions concerning the removal of the bus stop clearly did not consider the wider community.
Judith Murray, Fremantle

I HAVE been following in both local and state newspapers the legal ruling in favour of Antonio Araci, with regards to his ownership of a small strip of land in front of his High Street property in Fremantle.
This case has been decades in the making, and in all of the 60 years the council has claimed ownership of the land they have done nothing with it.
Mr Araci wants to put in an undercover bike shelter for the benefit of not only his customers, but also the wider populace.
And now I read that having wasted in the vicinity of half a million dollars fighting this case, council is planning to appeal against the judgement, wasting further ratepayers’ money.
From what I have read, their objections are not just to the ruling, but now they object to the design of the shelter.
Can the council justify why they are wasting so much money on this case, when it is in the public interest to allow it to simply proceed?
They have already taken it to the Supreme Court and lost once. An attempt to challenge the ruling in this case simply appears to be churlish.
James Brown
Jose Court, Samson

Place your bets
WHAT are the betting odds that Fremantle council will surrender all of Port Beach, south of Tydeman Road, to “Containerworld”?
Chris Johnston
Justinian Street, Palmyra

Beacy blues
WE saved up all we owned and bought into Beaconsfield because we love Freo.
We love the large blocks and gardens, the beautiful mid-century buildings and the sense of history it currently has.
It is ratepayers like us that the council and mayor are supposed to represent, but they seem determined to turn the area into a developer’s dream and a resident’s nightmare.
The latest proposal for the heart of Beaconsfield is worse than I could have thought possible, with high rise flats, lip-service paid to community consultation, and little to no green areas added.
There is a question mark placed over the future of Bruce Lee oval, which we all love and use, but I assume it has already been set aside for a large shopping centre and car park, removing that last little bit of community and history.
I just don’t understand why the council is doing this.
People love and live in the area because of how it is, not because it’s about to be flattened and handed over to developers.
All my comments and questions to the council have been dutifully ignored so far, so I’ve pretty much given up hope that things will change; I just wanted to express my sadness and disappointment about what is being done to our beloved suburb.
E Shepherd

Missed opportunity
I MOVED with my family from Melbourne to Fremantle at the end of 1950.
I worked all my life there; first in the Fremantle wool stores and then on the waterfront, so I have seen the changes to my old city over a lifetime.
I look at the centre of town now, with all those buildings which surrounded our lovely old Town Hall removed, and think what a great city square that would be, just like the lovely European cities with weekend markets etc.
But I believe the plan is to fill the space with new modern buildings again?
Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt missed his chance to go into the history books along with mayor Sampson, who saved the beautiful old buildings from developers in the ‘60s
Mr Pettitt, I ask you to please concentrate on our old city which is dying and leave Australia Day and the name of our city alone.
Just do the job you were elected to do.
Also, what happened to the free parking and charge point for electric vehicles to replace the one at Henderson Street car park you sold?
Kevin Johns
Portmarnock Circle,

Halls Head
Pop the story!
IN last week’s Herald there was a story “Balloon petition flies” about helium balloons.
It included “…and the gas in them can be damaging for the environment”.
The gas inside helium balloons is called helium.
It is not damaging to the environment.
Jamie Simpson
Preston Point Road, East
Ed says: You’re correct, Jamie, it’s not. It slipped through our editing net. Oops.

SERIOUSLY, naive national newspaper editors in Australia need to know it was D-Day.
On June 6 the front pages did not reflect this world-shattering “news”.
We could not care less about a raid on the ABC.
It should be closed or sold because its ratings show that Australians don’t really care about it.
When will Australia become less parochial and grow up?
Keith S Bales
Fantail Drive, Bibra Lake

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