This is a bit of OK

• Fremantle’s marketing campaign has got the nod from a respected Murdoch University academic.

Fremantle council’s “This is Fremantle” marketing campaign has been given the thumbs up by a well-respected academic.

Dr Catherine Archer, researcher and lecturer in social media and strategic communications, says the council’s new destination marketing campaign, launched in April this year, is a great start.

“It’s very good to be critical of marketing campaigns and when the ‘This is Fremantle’ campaign came out there was a lot of criticism about it,” she says.

“But it is more than just a slogan; there’s a lot of different initiatives and it’s a full marketing communications campaign with lots of different elements to it and the website is just one.”

She said some critics had told her they found the council’s new Visit Fremantle website is text-heavy, and the interactive map doesn’t have enough attractions to lure people to the city.

But Dr Archer thought there was plenty on the website to get people excited.

“They [Fremantle council] will change the website and improve it as it goes a long, but it does encourage people to visit Fremantle,” she says.

“There’s actually a lot of positive notes around that website. It’s not perfect, but as a marketing tool for Fremantle I think it’s a great initiative.”

The destination marketing campaign has been advertised on NOVA 93.7, at Dockers game at Optus Stadium, and on TransPerth buses, billboards and posters around Perth.

“This campaign is about reminding those people of the great things Freo has to offer and getting Perth people to fall in love with Fremantle again,” said acting Fremantle mayor Rachel Pemberton.


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