Little ripper

WHEN a club-swinging carnivore enjoys a vegetarian dish you know you’re onto something.

“You’re the hands-down winner,” said my breakfast mate after trying my farinata (chickpea pancake $18.50) at Little Lefroy’s in South Fremantle.

I smugly agreed then returned with much glee to my pancake, which was topped with a puree of roasted carrot and cashew nut, and a mountain of rocket, fresh coriander and finely sliced cucumber.

The crunchy pancake had a fantastic nutty flavour and for those who reckon carrot puree is baby food, let me tell you it was slightly sweet with plenty of savoury punch and nuanced flavours.

It blended perfectly with the pancake and the salad, and my palate was zinging like Bugs Bunny on speed.

During breakfast, my friend revealed a long-held secret.

“I don’t really do breakfast,” he whispered guiltily.

Which was a bit tricky since I’d invited him along on a food review.

In the interest of remaining on good terms he chose the toasted sandwich with cheese, corn and pickled onion ($14.50).

“It feels more like something you have when you come home from the pub,” he said.

But he was won over by the gourmet sarnie: “The cheese and bacon is quite hearty and the corn is a nice touch – it’s really creamy.”

He’s a regular at Little Lefty’s, as he calls it, and reckons they serve the best coffee in town.

I went for the specialty love tea ($5.50), containing a multitude of herbs like damiana and tribulus which have been used as an aphrodisiac down the ages.


But they also increase energy and reduces stress, which was a perfect for a busy work day, so I didn’t pop home for a quickie (sorry D’Angerous Dave).

On the way out I grabbed a savoury muffin ($4.90) for lunch.

I’ve been on the search for a good local veggie muffin and this one answered the call – it was moist and delicious.


Little Lefroy’s
310 South Terrace,
South Fremantle
9430 4900

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