Dying for a good meal?

• End-of-life doula Nicolette Smith.

A “DEATH DINNER” will be held in Fremantle this Thursday (August 8).

Don’t worry it’s not a euthanasia nosh-up, but a supper designed to get people talking about the tricky subject of dying.

The meal is being hosted by funeral celebrant Carol Huish and end-of-life doula Nicolette Smith.

They say a lot of well-intended people never get around to organising things like funerals, wills or registering as an organ donor.

After their death, loved ones are left with the stress of dealing with these issues while grieving.

Ms Huish and Ms Smith want to improve ‘death literacy’, and give people ways of approaching and addressing the confronting topic.

“We are in an epoch where choice is important to us”, says Ms Huish.

“People spend a lot of time [planning] when they’re having a baby. Well this is the same thing at the other end.

“It’s the conversation of a lifetime–it’s the ultimate decision”.

Ms Huish says the Death Dinner is an opportunity for people “to be able to easily or confidently be empowered to have that conversation with their loved ones”.

The Death Dinner includes a light meal, and presentations and workshops on how to effectively plan for the end game.

It will be held at Replants on Wray Avenue in Fremantle on Thursday (August 8) from 7.30-9.30pm.

To book go to http://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/conversations-in-community-death-dinner-tickets-66171804649


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