Quality control

• Madam Bukeshla’s Trish Bygott. File photos.

IT’S Madam Bukeshla’s attention to detail and quality that separates it from the crowd, says owners Trish Bygott and Nathan Crotty.

Above the Wray Avenue clothing store is their production house, where they oversee a small team doing intricate cutting and pattern work.

Bukeshla is renowned for its unique stitching, including one with silk thread embellished with machine drawn lines, and it has three seamstresses on the books.

There is a huge focus on quality, but also on comfort, Ms Bygott says.

“For us there’s a general understanding that everything carries energy–just like people wanting to know where their butter came from and where their vegetables are from,” she says.

“I believe if I’m stressed, then that stress goes into the garment and that poor woman has to wear that stress”.

Bukeshla regularly hold workshops on stitching, drawing skills and design fundamentals.

They attract a wide variety of people including mothers with demanding nine-to-five jobs who want a creative outlet.

The store also has a made-to-order service for customers wanting their garment customised.

Since Ms Bygott and Mr Crotty opened the clothing store on Wray Avenue 10 years ago, the real estate office and laundromat over the road has been transformed into a strip with six women’s clothing shops and three coffee shops.

Despite online shopping putting many high street stores to the sword, they believe boutique stores offering a “unique” experience can weather the storm.


Madam Bukeshla
16 Wray Avenue, Fremantle
0433 887 484

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