A poignant walk

• RSL ceremonial advisor Arthur Stanton, Cockburn mayor Logan Howlett and Cockburn RSL president Digger Cleak at the new walk. Photo supplied.

THE Sudan Crisis is one of the lesser-known Australian conflicts featured in a new war memorial walk in Cockburn.

Situated on Remembrance Avenue in Cockburn Central, West Memorial Walk has 36 commemorative plinths dedicated to a conflict involving Australian forces, including Gallipoli (1915-16), Vietnam (1962-1975) and East Timor (1980-2000).

Cockburn RSL president Digger Cleak says the memorial also features lesser-known conflicts like the Sudan Crisis of 1885.

In support of the British Empire, Aussies forces were dispatched to Sudan after British general Charles (“Chinese”) Gordon was slain in Khartoum.

Within days of their arrival the Australians were in action against the local Sudanese Army, capturing some deep wells.

But disease raged through their ranks, and the troops were soon ordered home where they received a muted public response.

The memorial walk was commissioned by Cockburn council.

“The city is proud to memorialise the many Australians who served their country in both war and peace time and the sacrifices that they made,” mayor Logan Howlett said.

“I would like to acknowledge the many local veterans who helped drive this project.”

In July, at the nearby Yandi Park, the city unveiled an Aboriginal Memorial Artwork to raise awareness of the contributions made by Aboriginal servicemen and women during Australian conflicts.

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