Council Tag team

• Georgina Tagliaferri.

THE Tagliaferri name is synonymous with Fremantle politics, but could pop up in Cockburn a lot more if a young Hamilton Hill resident triumphs in October’s council elections.

Georgina Tagliaferri, 28, is the daughter of long-term Fremantle mayor Peter Tagliaferri, and is hoping to succeed Stephen Pratt as the next Labor-aligned central ward councillor.

“Dad ran a great council and I can only hope that I can achieve what he has done,” Ms Tagliaferri told the Herald.

“It’s great to have him around to ask any questions I need answered. I grew up around local politics, and take inspiration from my Dad.”

Small business

While she can handily draw on her father’s knowledge, Ms Tagliaferri is quick to note her own experiences as a small business owner have prepared her for the role.

“I’m not afraid of hard work … I’m passionate about working with the community and want to have a hands-on role in helping people achieve what they want,” the Pilates instructor said.

“I’m pretty youthful – but my youthfulness would be an advantage. Having experienced the rapid technological changes in my life, I can help guide people through future changes.”

Georgina’s priorities for Cockburn, if elected, include crime and traffic issues, a focus on promoting healthy living, the environment and sustainability.

The City of Cockburn elections will be held via postal vote on October 19th.


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