Dog park muzzled

A PROPOSED $100,000 partially-fenced dog park on the Attadale foreshore has been given the boot by Melville council.

The council is gauging support for other locations as there’s no fenced dog exercise areas within its boundaries, despite regular lobbying from pooch lovers.

Out of the 173 parks and reserves in the city, Attadale Reserve on Burke Drive had been identified by city officers as being the best spot for the 900m long, partially-fenced pooch park because it has lots of parking, dog poo bins and no sporting events were held there.

But 55 per cent of locals surveyed said they didn’t want it there; the reserve is already a designated dog exercise area.

Piney Lakes

Cr Nicole Robins is spearheading the push for the dog exercise area and wants the council to reconsider Piney Lakes and Connell Reserve, which were rejected mostly because of a lack of parking.

“I am of the view that generally residents may be supportive of a fenced dog exercise area, but they just don’t want a fence installed at a beautiful riverside location,” she wrote.

“One of the factors taken into consideration when considering sites was existing bins on site. This should not be a barrier as extra bins can always be installed.

“Another issue raised was adequate parking spaces.

“I do agree that there needs to be parking available, but there are locations where parking bays may be occupied at particular periods (such as during significant sporting events) but are generally available at most other times.”

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