Heavenly cakes

THE words “cake” and “stylist” combine in perfect harmony at Cupid’s Delight in Hamilton Hill.

Like something from the television show Cake Boss, their delicious creations come in a mind-boggling range of shapes, sizes and colours.

Over the years they’ve even created cakes that look like boats, hats, cars and sailboats.

The business is owned by husband-and-wife team Barbara and Jack Porebska. Like any good marriage there’s a division of labour, with Mr Porebska doing the paperwork and Mrs Porebska doing the baking and cake decorating.

Mrs Porebska says she learnt to bake growing up in Poland.

“My grandma taught me how to bake. In Poland decoration is a bit different. In Poland there is the torte, many layers with fillings, not with fondant.”

Mrs Porebska says she had to learn a lot of new baking techniques when they immigrated to Perth, including how to use fondant.

She says the traditional white wedding cake is still the most popular, but other colours are available and they do stands of cupcakes and macarons.

Two years ago they introduced the popular croquembouche; a mound of choux pastry puffs laced with caramel.

I can vouch the croquembouche as delicious as it sounds.


Cupid’s Delight
6248 4099
Unit 10, 51 Rockingham Road
Hamilton Hill

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