Maritime view ship-shape

FREMANTLE PORTS is offering a unique view of its operations as part of Maritime Day today (Saturday November 2) offering visitors a boat tour around the harbour.

The celebration of all things shipping on Victoria Quay attracts about 15,000 people each year and will include 90 exhibits in and outside B Shed and a visit from the navy submarine HMAS berthing alongside the quay.

The exhibition Container – The Box That Changed the World has a look at the history of containerisation – including its controversial impact on the port’s wharfies.

• The Box That Changed the World looks at the history of containers at Maritime Day.

The exhibition is housed in six colourful 20-foot shipping containers peppered along Victoria Quay, from outside the WA Maritime Museum trailing down to E Shed Markets.

There’s also ‘train’ rides for kids, a chance to go on a tug, dredge or WA Police’s emergency response vessel  Cygnet V.

There’s competitions with prizes such as tickets to sail aboard STS Leeuwin II. Kids can dress up like a mermaid, fish or pirate for the fancy dress parade, or hang out with Jesse the Pirate and the mermaid performers.

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