Best yet: Pettitt

• Latest artist’s impression of the proposed Woolstores Shopping Centre redevelopment.

THE latest plans for the Woolstores Shopping Centre redevelopment have been released and are out for public comment.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt says they are a “great resolution” for the site.

“They are the best plans that have been put forward for that site yet,” he says.

The plans includes a lower six-storey structure with a hotel, police station, childcare, a Coles and retail section on the ground floor, and a basement car park.

Dr Pettitt says the council are pleased with the plans, which combine Fremantle’s history with a modern design.

“What I think is a strong part about it is using the masonry – the brick base that connects through to the older Woolstores. I think it has a great combination of heritage reflection and good contemporary architecture.”

But Fremantle Society president John Dowson says “this proposal is simply not good enough for a world famous town.”

“This futuristic design does nothing to enhance a critically important entry point from the railway station to the town.”

Fremantle architect Sasha Ivanovich says the project needs further review considering its civic value.

“There is an opportunity not to be missed in this approval for the development to cede more public space to the public realm and to raise the quality of public space on its street frontages.”

The public consultation period is open until December 5 at

Community members are invited to attend an information session on the proposed development on November 27 at the council’s temporary offices on Fremantle Oval.

“The session is an opportunity for people to come down and ask questions, get their head around the plans, and provide feedback as well,” says Dr Pettitt.

He says the council will be paying particular attention to the ground floor and the sustainability aspects of the design during their revision, which they hope to submit to JDAP by Christmas.


One response to “Best yet: Pettitt

  1. Will the people stop, old and new mix beautifully, we need this project to go ahead how many times must it be sent back to the drawing board, the developer will just walk away and freo will be left with the very sad complex we have now.

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