Pasta wars

• Last year’s Lilly Street Lasagna Bake-off. Photo supplied

LASAGNA: Like the fabric of a well-functioning society it’s multi-layered and has baked-on tradition, says South Fremantle resident Paul Jacobs.

Which is one of the reasons why the Lilly Street Lasagna Bake-off is still popular after 22 years, he reckons.

“We remember back in the good old days when everyone knew everybody on the street and it took a whole village to raise a child,” Mr Jacobs said.

“The bake-off may bring us one small step further to living this kind of life.”

From a challenge between neighbours Matt Elliot, Simon Jones and Jenny Baker in 1998 that prompted nine entries and 38 spectators, the bake-off last year had 66 entries and a crowd of 600.

The bake-off is happening next Saturday (November 16).

Mr Jacobs says things kick off kind of early when the kids and dogs take control of the street, but the judging starts just after noon and the winners are announced around 2pm.

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