Hipster tribute

• Last year’s scooter fundraiser for war veterans. Photo supplied.

THE Hollywood image of the leather-clad war vet rumbling grumpily around on his Harley will be turned on its head in Fremantle’s Remembrance Day commemoration this year.

Instead of the hogs, nattily-dressed hipsters will buzz and beep their way around the city as part of a fundraiser that’ll help provide for veterans and their families.

The event is being organised by the Fremantle RSL and Fremantle Scooter Club and will start at Clancy’s Fish Pub at 10.15am on Sunday November 10 with a display of vintage, classic, retro and modern scooters.

There’ll be a short service featuring The Last Post and then the riders head off for their tour, before returning at midday for lunch and entertainment.

Riders donate $5 to participate and get a poppy and a chance to win a prize.

The official Fremantle Remembrance Day memorial service is the following day, Monday November 11 from 10.35am at the Fremantle War Memorial on Monument Hill. It’s being organised by Fremantle council, the Fremantle Memorial Wardens and the Remembrance Day working group.

Maori treat

THOSE attending Cockburn’s Remembrance Day ceremony on Monday (November 11) will get the rare privilege of hearing New Zealand’s national anthem sung in the Maori language.

Students from the Seton Catholic College choir will sing Australia and New Zealand’s national anthems, the latter in English and Maori.

The ceremony will also be significant as the first without long-serving Cockburn RSL member Arthur Stanton in charge, as he’s stepped down after nearly 25 years.

Mr Stanton said hearing the Maori song was something special.

“The only other person I know who can sing it is Peter Tinley,” he says of the former SAS officer who’s now a minister in the McGowan government.

Mr Stanton is having his second stint at retirement.

“I lasted about three months last time, then I saw they were struggling and I stepped up,” he said.

But he’s confident the job’s now in the safe hands of 40-year army veteran Paul Prickett.

Mr Stanton’s first posting with the RSL was as treasurer in 1995, at the same time picking up ceremonial duties. He’s been caretaker president on two occasions and also held the vice presidency along the way.

The Remembrance Day service will start at 10.30am at the City of Cockburn War Memorial on the corner of Rockingham Road and Carrington Street in Hamilton Hill.

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