Hurry to Haru

THINKING I’d found a hidden gem in Haru Sushi and Bento, I raced back to Chook HQ with mounds of sushi.

The prices were so low, I managed to buy lunch for the whole office without exceeding the food review budget.

It turned out most people at the Herald were already fans.

As soon as word leaked out there was Haru grub in the kitchen, staff came flocking like seagulls (even the lesser-spotted accounts department)

A warning to Haru newbies: the “avocado” is actually wasabi and it’s super hot. Amid the flurry of activity in the tiny eatery I got the two mixed up. Doh!

A trip to Japan last year saw Chook business manager Bryan eating outre dishes like roast grasshoppers, which were apparently crunchy and delicious, “a bit like peanuts”.

Despite an adventurous palate, he was still impressed with Haru’s sushi.

“It’s very good, very fresh, with good flavour. It’s larger than normal sushi, which is good, but it’s harder to eat.”

olympic pole vaulter Liz is also a huge Haru fan.

“The tempura sushi is awesome – a flavour explosion,” she said.

Hailing from Malaya, Helena knows good sushi when she bites one, and gave Haru’s the thumbs-up.

“It’s very good,” she said, nibbling daintily on a tempura version.

Back from an interview in the nick of time, David hoed in.

“It has a great consistency and it’s proper Japanese rice,” he opined, going back for more.

Pretty soon the platters were empty and everyone rushed back to their desks as deadlines loomed.

Haru has to be the best-value lunch around town, with a piece of large sushi $1-$1.50.

There’s a filling to suit everyone, with vegetarian and vegan options.

I can vouch for the fantastic avocado one.

There’s also sashimi salmon and a couple of different styles of chicken, tofu and crab.

Plus hot food like teriyaki beef, fish or chicken ($9.95), fried noodles ($12) and a variety of bento boxes.


Haru Sushi and Bento

5 William Street, Fremantle

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