Yucky blokes

YUCK CIRCUS will deconstruct male stereotypes with acrobatics and comedy at next year’s Fringe World.

It’s been a great year for the all-women troupe, who were voted best emerging artist at the Adelaide Fringe, got rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe, and won Fringe’s highest accolade, the Martin Sims award.

YUCK director Georgia Deguara says they’re set to smash 2020 with their confronting mix of circus, strong-women routines, dance and slapstick comedy.

“We are a company of circus chicks tackling the uncomfortable through dance, circus and beaut comedic timing,” she says.

“It’s bingeing on a jar of Nutella, it’s the thwack of the tampons, and it’s all contemporary Australian poetry.”

The elite acrobats challenge outdated attitudes towards women; poking a sharp stick at blokes’ gross chat-up lines and double standards.

“We’re not lightly throwing around women’s issues; we’re literally throwing women,” Deguara quips.

The shows are challenging, but so funny even blokes laugh out loud, partly in embarrassment at themselves.

“YUCK is fun for the faint-hearted, the strong-willed and the everyday battler.”

Deguara formed YUCK last year with the intention of doing a solo act, “but six of my mates wanted to jump in”.

The Fremantle-based artist hails from Broome, where she started learning circus aged nine.

She trained with Fremantle’s CircusWA, before heading to Melbourne to complete a degree at the National Institute of Circus Arts. You can catch YUCK Circus at the Pleasure Garden’s Big Top from February 2-16

For the full Fringe World program and to book go to fringeworld.com.au


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