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• Moody Rabbit owner Hannah Goggs. Photo supplied

AN eye for beautiful hand-crafted items comes naturally to Moody Rabbit owner Hannah Goggs.

She’s been creating unique pieces from everyday objects since she was six, and fours years ago she turned her hobby into a career, opening Moody Rabbit in Hilton.

The shelves are crammed with her WA-themed pieces.

“Clothing, bags, ceramics, original artwork, things for the garden, etcetera,” the Coolbellup local says.

“The shop is entirely experimental, so I react to what customers want.”

Her works are individualistic and often quirky.

“Customers enjoy seeing something a little different from what’s mass-produced in stores,” she says.

“My shop is an experience; it’s not all about sales, I want customers to feel happy, inspired and intrigued.”

The self-confessed do-it-yourself enthusiast hails from the UK and immigrated to Australia aged four.

“I now call Perth home,” she says.

Her pieces are influenced by Australia’s flora and fauna.

“I love our landscapes and bright blue skies…I’m a keen birdwatcher, animal lover and horticulturist.”

The name of the shop was inspired by a two-year around-the-world trip and an adopted rabbit.

“We travelled in a motorhome around Europe…with a precious English lop rabbit by the name of Cherry. She had a huge personality; she made us laugh and she would sleep on my bed with me every night. Amongst being spoilt most of the time, she amazed us with her moody side. I nicknamed her Moody Rabbit.”

Although she loves running her own shop, Ms Goggs is open to the idea of a joint coffee shop down the track.

In the meantime, in what spare time she has left, she collects dollhouse miniatures and Sylvanian families.


Moody Rabbit
Shop 4, 308 South Street, Hilton
open Thurs-Mon 9am-4pm,
Tues 10am-4pm

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