Photo mystery

• George Gray McCardle and John McCardle with their Irish friend, whose surname was Moriarty.

I WAS on a recent trip to Fremantle and tried in vain to find where this photo was taken.

It’s from 1951-52 when my late father John McCardle was working across Australia, including Fremantle, after working on the start of the Blue Mountain irrigation plant.

I thought the photo was around by the Esplanade Hotel, but after visiting there I could not trace the same area as the photo.

Any chance you, or any of your readers, could identify this area?

Patrick McCardle
Sunderland, England

One response to “Photo mystery

  1. I’m not sure, but possibly Phillimore Street between Mouat and Cliff Streets? The buildings behind look like they could be the Dock Buildings with a bit of the P&O Building to the left. The photo would be taken from the other side of the road, near the entry to the port. If I’m right of course, but it did feel like Phillimore to me, and the buildings match besides exterior finishes.

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