LETTERS 7.3.20

Priorities, Brad
SO Brad Pettitt and his coterie want to rename Kings Square in Fremantle.
What will be the new name? Well, like Australia Day, they are now arguing about it and it will be forever in limbo.
Having dismantled Australia Day for Fremantle, after Kings Square it could be Anzac Day, Easter, Christmas and New Year such is the ideology of Pettitt and Co.
All other states have been progressive in their development of their major ports but not Fremantle, which has become a mainly grubby place to visit and certainly not attractive for visitors from cruise ships.
Fremantle, as the major port for WA, belongs to all Western Australians and its role as a port is funded by them as taxpayers.
Any changes are a matter for all, not a small group of regressives who want to fiddle with the history and culture developed over nearly 200 years.
So leave Kings Square and other historic locations in Fremantle alone and look instead to turning the port city into an attractive and vibrant place for all Australians and our overseas visitors, just like other states have done.
Let us continue to recognise Fremantle as the historic port for WA.
Finally, Brad Pettitt will be a good fit for the Greens – looking to change the real world and conducting themselves as political spoilers.
Gordon Marshall
Luffingham Street, Melville

Ticket to ride
HAS it all been about pre-selection for Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt?
We see last month the council choosing a name for its new civic centre and considering a possible new one for Kings Square as well.
As with such issues like Australia Day, the city of Fremantle failed to take these issues to the broader community, which they are supposedly representing.
Instead we hear about it from the media as the mayor raises it in yet another press/photo opportunity.
It looks like this is not about what’s good for Freo in general, helping business, building its image and future or even supporting the aboriginal community (he hasn’t even learned how to properly pronounce the name he is proposing).
Instead it appears more about what boxes the mayor can tick to get his ticket to state or federal government.
Low and behold, he announces that he’s running for a spot on the green ticket for state government.
Now if you don’t agree with him, according to what’s reported in the Chook, you aren’t enlightened.
On Green Left, he’s saying you must be an enraged right winger. 

I’m thinking a few Freo types will be surprised to find out they are now enraged right wingers, LMAO.
It seems the mayor is off to state government or so he hopes. While his replacement will be left to deal with a depleted asset account, a collapsing financial situation, massive rising debt, falling revenue, new lows for foot traffic and business, a crumbling infrastructure, millions in outstanding maintenance, shocking anti-social issues and crime, a $50 million white elephant, a depleted tree canopy, second-worst hard covering in Australia and incredulous carbon claims.
Somehow all that ticks the boxes for a green upper house seat – stunning.
Is this what WA needs in the upper house?
How has any of this been done in the best interests of the Fremantle ratepayers?
Should Fremantle ratepayers be picking up the bill for the mayor’s personal political aspirations.
Mark Woodcock
White Gum Valley

Drives me mad
IS the Herald really still allowing letters such as “Lady Drivers” (February 29, 2020) which are clearly sexist, stereotyping, pigeon-holing rants, to be published?
You guys are better than providing this small-minded small-town opinion with a platform.
Anna Reece
The Ed says: We feel that if you try to smother opinions, even the small-minded, small-town ones, they tend to fester rather than disappear. If you put them out there, it gives good people such as yourself the opportunity to address them directly and challenge the stereotypes that drive them.

Lead astray
THE Herald may have buried the lead in its story about the mayor’s state political ambitions (“Pettitt up for state tilt”, February 29, 2020).
It would seem Diane Evers is moving to Freo!
Is sitting MLC Diane Evers really switching from south west to south metro?
Pushing someone into an “unwinnable” third position?
Or is the article confusing the senate with the legislative council when referring to an unwinnable third spot?
As well as confusing south west with south metro?
The Greens have never nailed a second spot from a region in the legislative council in a state election, let alone a third.
All very strange.
David Weber
North Fremantle
The Ed says: Thanks David, we certainly mangled that analysis. As you pointed out, Ms Evers is the MLC from down south, not south metro, meaning Dr Pettitt and Ms MacLaren will fight it out for the one winnable spot. Chook apologies to readers for the mistake, which was made by the journalist.

Don’t follow the herd
FOLLOWING yet another PETA Asia investigation of the Australian wool industry, a sheep shearer has pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals at Horsham Magistrates’ Court.
Video footage shows the worker punching frightened sheep, stamping and standing on their heads and necks, and beating them on the face with heavy electric clippers.
This is the 13th investigation of the global wool industry that PETA’s international affiliates have undertaken since 2014 and the fifth in Australia, where the initial exposé resulted in the world’s first-ever cruelty-to-animals convictions of sheep shearers.
The wool industry called that case a “wake-up call” and promised to change.
However, in 2015 and again in early 2017, eyewitnesses saw exactly the same types of abuse as before. In late 2017, the wool industry again condemned such cruelty and vowed once more to do better – but the pattern of abuse just continues.
The latest evidence was gathered by an eyewitness who worked for two contractors in 16 shearing sheds in South Australia and Victoria.
Workers struck terrified sheep in the face with sharp metal clippers, cut them up and stitched up their gaping wounds without any pain relief, and then hurled them out of the sheds. Two sheep died from conditions that workers called “heart attacks”, likely resulting from stress during shearing.
Others were dragged into the sun and left without water or care for hours before they died.
Farmers also cut the necks of unwanted sheep, apparently while they were still conscious.
PETA and our international affiliates have now documented cruelty to sheep at 116 operations on four continents.
There is only one way this rampant and gratuitous cruelty will ever end – if you see a label that indicates wool in a shop, please don’t buy the item.
Mimi Bekhechi

Who’s in the dark ages?
I WONDER if Fremantle Society president John Dowson recognises the irony in his complaint about the ‘ideological whitewash of traditions and heritage in Fremantle’ (“Square pegs in round holes”, Thinking Allowed, Herald, February 29, 2020).
Certainly an unusual turn of phrase to describe the council’s proposal to use an Aboriginal name for the new civic centre.
Perhaps it’s actually the word heritage he’s confused by, seeing as he insists that the tens of thousands of years of heritage contained in Noongar culture should not be considered in the naming consultation.
Mary-Anne Macdonald
South Fremantle

Lib legacy
GIVEN the likelihood of coronavirus being declared a pandemic, closing the emergency department at Fremantle Hospital in 2015 now appears to be absolutely ridiculous
Another one of Colin Barnett’s arbitrary decisions, thinking Fiona Stanley would be the solution to all health problems south of the river.
Fiona Stanley emergency department struggles to keep up as it is.
Should the virus prove to be virulent here, it will be swamped.
Geoff Dunstone
Carrington Street, Palmyra

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