Street party soars

A $150 “Friendly Neighbourhood Grant” from Melville council helped about 50 residents from Birdwood Road celebrate their 10th annual street party recently.

Armed with chairs, eskies, hats and sunnies, neighbours gathered to rekindle old friendships and make new ones. 

The street has seen quite a lot of infill in recent years so there were  plenty of new faces.

Bruce and Julia Pontin have organised every street party and say the council’s $150 grant helped pay for food and drink.

• Residents from Birdwood Road at their 10th street party. Photo supplied

Mr Pontin said the friendships forged in the street helped make the neighbourhood a great place to live. 

The couple are handing over the organising reins next year, and they hope the street parties will continue for another decade.

Friendly Neighbourhood Grants are available for events held on public property like parks and verges with up to $200 available for bigger events with 60 or more people.

It’s targeted at street-level events so sporting groups and schools don’t get a look-in.

For more information head to and search for Friendly Neighbourhood Grants.

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