Adopt-a-park flipped

COCKBURN council is about to test the waters and see if its residents are interested in adopting a park, but things haven’t quite gone to plan for the idea’s instigator.

Councillor Lara Kirkwood proposed an adopt-a-park scheme in December last year following a visit to Stirling council, which already has one.

Cr Kirkwood told the Herald a number of local community groups already help out keeping parks in top condition, and she wanted to give them some recognition through a formal program, which might also encourage others to join in.

But when the council’s staff looked into it, they decided it was too risky letting ratepayers wield paintbrushes or clean off any graffiti.

So at the last council meeting they recommended adopt-a-park be limited to signing up people to “maintain surveillance” at their park and call in about any maintenance issues.

They pointed out this was how Stirling’s program had evolved over time, with participants given an annual party to show the city’s appreciation.


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