Who loves ya, baby?

WHICH of the two cooks in Baby Roy’s is the burger joint named after? 

D’Angerous Dave and I pondered that existential ditty while devouring some of the best burgers we’ve had in ages.

The tallest guy in the kitchen Jack, was the youngest, but maybe it’s the slim guy with the beard, Zac. Hmm…

It’s actually called Baby Roy’s because it’s the little brother of Royal’s Burgers in Northbridge.

• Baby Roy’s Zac and Jack. Photo by Jenny D’Anger

We weren’t thinking food review when we spotted the burger bar at Melville Plaza, but Baby Roy’s served up great burgers at decent prices.

The menu is heavy on meat including a double Angus beef, double cheese burger ($18), and I would have liked more than one vegetarian option and a fish burger (Dave’s favourite).

The small eatery was heaving with shoppers, office workers and fluoro-vested tradies, grabbing takeaway.

I spotted two office staffers tucking into a bacon cheeseburger ($12).

Loaded with Angus beef, double bacon, cheese, onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard, it’s their lunch regular they said, pausing between bites.

Dave and I ordered a chickpea burger ($10) with waffle fries ($5).

I’d go back just for the moreish fries, which were crunchy but still fluffy inside.

The chickpea burger had a massive flavour hit and the tomato-based sauce really enhanced the delicious patty.

“The aromatic flavour of the burger has a gourmet feel – it’s rich and filling,” Dave said.

“And there’s not too much sauce and mayo, so it held its form.”

The kids menu is well priced and you can get a burger, small fries and juice for $10. 

Zac also painted the colourful burger mural on the cafe wall.


Baby Roy’s Melville
Melville Plaza
Shopping Centre
Canning Highway, Bicton

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