Relief for clubs

MELVILLE council has moved to give its sporting clubs and community organisations relief during the Coronavirus restrictions.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Cr Matthew Woodall put up a motion directing the CEO to suspend or defer any payments due from sport and community organisations until September 30, a date that can be extended if necessary.

“The city currently has just over $2 million in loans to sporting and community organisations in the city and they are clearly going to be significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic,” Cr Woodall said.

“This is a significant amount of money but the city doesn’t need it urgently, whereas many of these organisations do.

“Suspending/deferring loan repayments for the next six months will assist these organisations with cash flow and hopefully allow them to focus on other pressing matters.”

While Fremantle council has closed its leisure centre, as of Thursday evening neither Melville or Cockburn councils had gone down that route.

Cockburn has cancelled upcoming citizenship ceremonies, Anzac day services and parades, Cockburn’s Got Talent, Froggy’s Fun on the Green, its April cultural fair and a seniors dinner.

All its facilities and buildings remain open, with Cockburn Arc getting increased cleaning, sanitisation stations and social distancing measures.

Classes at Melville’s LeisureFit centres are being reduced and users will be able to put their memberships on hold for up to 12 weeks, but the centres will remain open for now.

Melville council said it’s awaiting further advice from the WA health department before making further changes.

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