Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuu…

Eva Casey was having a bit of a glum birthday alone until her friends surprised her with a drive-by celebration.

CELEBRATING your 14th birthday in the midst of a pandemic lock-down can be a bit of a downer, but Applecross student Eva Casey had a birthday she won’t forget thanks to a creative drive-by celebration.

Eva’s grandmother Penny Wilberforce-Jones organised the drive-by because government restrictions surrounding Covid-19 meant friends or family couldn’t come around for a party.

Ms Wilberforce-Jones said she had seen “a drive-by celebration by family and friends on tv somewhere and thought it was a lovely idea”. 

“I rang my extended family and asked them to decorate their cars and be prepared to toot car horns, wave balloons and call out to Eva who would watch from the balcony of her Applecross home,” she said.

Eva’s school friends were also contacted and asked to do the same.

The birthday girl said she’d been a bit sad spending the day alone and the drive-by was a big surprise.

“I forgot all about the virus and just enjoyed myself,” she said. 

Mrs Wilberforce-Jones said the drive-by was a “beautiful act of love and inventiveness in the time of virus”.  

She hoped the birthday drive-by would inspire hope and happiness in the community.



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