Minding the cracks

Fremantlemind offers a range of services to help people through Covid anxieties.

FREMANTLEMIND is providing free critical mental health and wellbeing services to locals who fall through the cracks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founder and clinical psychologist Kaine Grigg says they handle the stuff bigger support organisations can’t.

“We pride ourselves on being nuanced in community needs,” Dr Grigg said. 

“We speak to support groups, local GPs, and drug and alcohol clinics to find where the clients needs are.” 

Dr Grigg says the charity’s community chats are crucial in shaping services and support.  

“We had people asking for creative therapies, so now we have artists come in and do creative expression classes.” 

Located on Beach Street, FremantleMind offers clients a variety of classes including fitness, yoga, mindfulness and creative expression.

With 45 experienced volunteers, the organisation is currently delivering its services through Zoom video calls.

Dr Grigg says if locals needs additional support they have links with Ellen Health and Cygnet Clinic in Fremantle. 

“Clients are also encouraged to seek alternative practitioners and stay in alliance with the FremantleMind team. The clients are then bulk billed by the new practitioner, so the client still benefits.”

“I felt it is something needed – we are trying to be a leader in how mental health is treated.” 

People can sign up to FremantleMind events on Eventbrite or contact them on Facebook.


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