Foodie fix

I MISS my lunchtime walks around Fremantle – it’s a jaw-dropping kaleidoscope of students, druggies and post-war freaks.

My picaresque usually ends with some Japanese food at a cafe, and for the last few weeks I’ve been getting major sushi withdrawal symptoms, so we ordered some home delivery from Ohnamiya in Applecross.

The takeaway menu was excellent with a vast range of sushi and hot mains, including bento boxes that could be customised with extra sushi, saving you paying for two seperate dishes.

You can tell by just looking at sashimi if it’s going to be good – it’s got that vibrant glow and fresh-looking appearance.

So I was relieved when I took my assorted sashimi ($15.30) out the Uber Eats bag and it ticked all the boxes.

The thick slices of salmon and tuna were delicious when combined with the soy sauce, freshly squeezed lemon and a sliver of pickled ginger.

The standout was the hiramasa; the slices of yellowtail kingfish had a sweet, rich flavour and elevated this entree to another level. Sashimi is usually quite expensive and I thought this was great value.

On the other side of the breakfast bar, my wife’s karaage chicken deluxe box ($17.30) was overflowing with goodies.

She wolfed down the chunks of fried, marinated chicken; interspersing the odd bite with some agedashi tofu, salad and pickles.

“I know karaage is regarded as a bit of a Japanese KFC, but this is hitting the mark and just what I felt like after my first day back at work,” she said.

“The mayonnaise is nice and thick and the boiled egg is a nice touch – the perfect comfort food”

I had already moved on to my niku beef udon soup ($11.90).

The flavoursome broth had plenty of depth, and the soft udon noodles went nicely with the thinly-sliced tender beef.

Completing the soup were a smattering of spring onions and carrot.

It was a simple dish done well, but next time I’d probably go for something more complex to keep me interested until the final mouthful.

I diverted my kids’ attention by pointing at the window and yelling “Mincecraft zombie!”, then pinched some of their avocado ($5.30) and raw tuna ($6.30) sushi.

The freshly-made rolls were tasty and authentic, and the five-portion serve easily filled up the kids.

As I bit into the sticky rice, I closed my eyes and was almost back in Freo at lunchtime, watching the waves crash into Bathers Beach and Brad Pettitt zooming about on his compost-powered, dolphin-friendly bike.

Until things get back to normal, Ohnamiya will fulfil my yearning for Japanese food and is a solid option for a home delivery.


34 Kearns Crescent, Applecross
9364 3332

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