No climate crisis vaccine

Photo by #MilesTweediePhotography

COVID restrictions have (mostly) gone but the climate crisis remains; with the former giving Extinction Rebellion protestors the opportunity last weekend to remind visitors to Fremantle’s Cappuccino Strip of the latter.

Several dozen protestors, including those from XR Grandparents and the Red Rebel Brigade, held a mock tug-of-war between fossil fuel executives and a scientist, doctor, fireman and grandparents, with a Scott Morrison effigy caught between the two groups.

The prime minister’s hand-picked National Covid-19 Coordination Committee has come under fire from XR after it was revealed in May that its plan for a national gas-led economic recovery was fuelled by a membership top-heavy with fossil fuel executives.

“The NCCC, government and fossil gas cronies are high on the gas of their own collective fart,” XR’s national body Tweeted on May 25.

Saturday’s protest didn’t come without its own mini crisis, when chimneys representing big WA fossil fuel emitters Woodside, Chevron and Shell caught fire on the footpath outside the Sail and Anchor.

As one wag put it: “This would never happen with solar panels or windmills which were found at the winning end.”

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