Robot theatre

ST John of God hospital in Murdoch recently celebrated a 100th birthday but it wasn’t a patient’s. Their da Vinci Xi robot performed its 100th operation, with surgeons making the occasion with gold balloons in theatre and a morning tea.

The robot is mostly used for colorectal and thoracic surgeries, as well as trans-oral (treating tumours of the throat by going in through the mouth).

Hospital CEO Ben Edwards says the multi-million dollar da Vinci enables them to do minimally invasive surgery across a range of disciplines including urology and gynaecology.

“Robotic-assisted technology enables surgeons to reduce the impact on muscles and tissues surrounding the affected areas,” he says. “Patients benefit from these minimally-invasive procedures meaning they recover faster in hospital and at home, and experience less pain.”

But don’t worry, surgeon Krishna Epari says da Vinci is not fully automated and is under the control of surgeons at all times.

“Reaching this milestone is a significant achievement for SJOG Murdoch and the entire team should be commended for their contributions and hard work…” he says.

Health seminars

ST John of God hospital in Murdoch is hosting several free patient information seminars to help community members better understand orthopaedic and bariatric “weight loss” surgeries (which makes you feel full after a small amount of food). 

There will also be a pregnancy session for future parents, and associate professor Harsha Chandraratna will host the first bariatric surgery seminar on Saturday August 15.

“Anyone can attend these seminars, without a referral, and it is a welcoming environment with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Best of all, the patient information seminars are completely free of charge,”

he says. The joint replacement sessions by Dr Rhys Clark and professor Piers Yates discuss if knee or hip replacement is right for you, offering treatment and surgical options.

All sessions will be held at St John of God hospital in Murdoch:

• Saturday August 15, Bariatric Surgery, 10am-11.30am

• Saturday September 12, Bariatric Surgery, 10am-11.30am

• Saturday October 17, Joint replacement, 10am-11.30am

• Saturday November 7, Joint replacement, 10am-11.30am

• Saturday November 21, Maybe Baby, 9am-11am

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