Nifty fifty

HAS the lockdown caused your middle-age spread to get a whole lot bigger?

If so, Prime Movers could be the answer.

The not-for-profit group run affordable keep-fit classes for the over 50s across the metropolitan area, including Beaconsfield, Kardinya and South Lake.

“All classes are done to music and have a duration of one hour,” says Prime Movers Annie Budarick.

“Under the guidance of sports professionals and physiotherapists our classes have been structured for the active older adult to ensure they exercise in a safe manner.

“The classes have a format that is taught to all instructors so that there is a consistency and similarity to them, and all instructors are appraised by the chief instructor annually. 

“Regular workshops are held for instructors to share ideas and keep up-to-date with information related to seniors and exercise.

“The music and choreography are changed monthly to keep classes interesting and varied.”

The classes have the same format:

Warm Up This section warms up the joints and prepare the muscles. It includes some marching and other low-impact movements and is not too strenuous.

Stretching This section covers both a rhythmic and a static stretch. With the rhythmic stretch all movements are free flowing whereas with the static stretch each movement is held for a short time.

Cardiovascular This often includes a partner and dance, and other low-impact aerobic type movements to increase the heart rate.

Muscle Strength and Endurance Muscle work is done using light weight dumbbells or elastics. Muscle work is repetitive so each individual movement is repeated several times and works both the arms and legs. Part of this section is done sitting in a chair.

Cool Down and Relaxation Generally done in a chair, this incorporates stretching arms, legs, head, neck and shoulders followed by relaxation of the body and mind. By the end of the class, breathing, heart rate and body temperature have returned to normal.

Classes are $3 for members and $4 for visitors. They are held at the Hilton park bowling club in Beaconsfield, the community centre in Kardinya and Jandakot Hall in South Lake. For class timetables and more 

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