Child care shock

PLANS for a childcare centre in the middle of suburbia has left some Bull Creek residents unhappy and claiming it’s being rammed through by Melville council.

The proposed centre will be built across three properties on Hagan Street and Henry Bull Drive a block back from South Street and accommodate 93 kids aged 0-4 years old. Three houses will be demolished.

Residents such as Keith Critchett say they were shocked to get just one week to lodge objections, as the plans had been with the council since April.  

Mr Critchett and neighbours were planning to meet ward councillors Matthew Woodall and Clive Robertson on Thursday after the Herald’s deadline to discuss concerns about child safety, limited parking, and heavy traffic in suburban streets. 

Mr Critchett says as a grandfather he’s not anti-kid and is aware of the need for childcare, but says the proposal puts commercial interests ahead of the impact on the community.

“A childcare centre is not a kiss and drive, it takes time to park and make sure the young kids get in safely, there would be a lot of congestion,” Mr Critchett said.

“I’m all for free enterprise but I don’t think the location is compatible or suitable.”

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