New post cuts

FREMANTLE federal Labor MP Josh Wilson has slammed further cuts to local postal services, saying the Covid-19 pandemic had shown how vital they could be for older people.

“From Banjup to Rottnest Island and Wattleup to North Fremantle, the Morrison Government has slashed postal services across 33 suburbs in the Fremantle electorate – yet senior Australia Post executives continue to eye off huge bonuses,” Mr Wilson fumed.

He said the cuts would see mail delivered only two or three days a week, with letters set to take a minimum of seven days to arrive, while there were potential delays to small to medium sized parcels and packets.

“We know that in the course of the health crisis the importance of mail and parcel delivery has increased, becoming a lifeline as people adjust to social distancing, restriction of movement and an increased reliance on home delivery,” Mr Wilson said.

“The Morrison government claims these postal service cuts are a temporary measure, but with a track record of outsourcing and downgrading essential public services, there is sharp concern that Covid-19 is being used as cover for a permanent hit to the quality of Australia’s postal service.”

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