Anger over double density bid

The Matheson Road block up for 35 apartments.

RESIDENTS in Matheson Road, Applecross are up in arms over a 35-apartment development that would be double the area’s allowable density if approved. 

The four-story building would also include a basement level for 42 resident car bays, 7 visitor car bays and 5 scooter/motorcycle car bays – all on a block that currently contains just a solitary house that will be demolished. 

Swan Foreshore Protection Association founder Clive Ross said if the development was approved it could set a damaging precedent.


“A development of this density is totally out of keeping with the surrounding area and would adversely impact the amenity of other residents in the area (e.g. issues such as privacy, shadowing, noise and tree canopy),” Mr Ross said. 

He said Matheson Road was already congested, with many residents parking on the side of the road because there was little on-site parking. 

“Matheson Road is already a very busy road particularly in the morning rush due to its use by surrounding residents as a main arterial road,” Mr Ross said. 

A local resident who did not wish to be named said the council had not considered the existing parking issue in the area.

“Those who are long-term residents understand that this is an already existing issue that will only get worse if the development is approved,” she said. 

Another local resident Jennifer Macdonald said the development’s high-density would create too many problems.

“It’s a huge concern of mine due to the height and size of the development; it’s going to be too much for our area considering the congestion issue that already exists on that road,” Ms Macdonald said.

“I think it is very unnecessary to have that many residents all in one area.”

A planning report produced by Tuscom Subdivision Consultants, states while the height limit 

for an R40 development is two storeys “there are numerous other buildings on lots with a similar or lower coding in the locality that are three storeys in height”.

Mr Ross fears the development would open a door for Matheson Road to become a concrete jungle with wall-to-wall high-density apartments.

The Herald contacted Tuscom Subdivision Consultants who passed on contact details to the developer, SB & Sons Pty Ltd, but they didn’t get back to us.


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