Council care

FREMANTLE and Cockburn councils have joined a nationwide campaign to help people who have fallen through the cracks during covid-19.

More than two million people on temporary visas in Australia are not receiving income support from the federal government, so organisations Democracy in Colour and Welcoming Australia are lobbying councils to bridge the gap.

Fourteen councils have already signed a mayoral pledge to provide some form of support to those left out, including asylum seekers, international students and workers on temporary visas.

“It’s unconscionable that the federal government has willfully abandoned over two million people in this country during this global health and economic crisis,” says Neha Madhok, Democracy in Colour co-director.

 “The more councils that we have signed onto the pledge, the stronger our message to the Morrison government is. 

“We have the power to tell the government that we are a country that should, and can, support everyone in the community during these trying times.”

Welcoming Australia CEO Aleem Ali says, “People have been left without a safety net and are relying on the goodwill of Local Councils, State Governments, community organisations and generous individuals.”

To find out more about the Nobody Left Behind Councils campaign go to www.

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