Bridge plan review

LIVING in the shadow of a skyscraper? Worried our planning masters thought it sensible to ramp up Canning Bridge’s density before fixing the chronic traffic congestion? Or are you enjoying the views from your 30-storey penthouse and reckon there should more like yours for others to enjoy?

If so, Melville council wants to hear from you, as it’s just started a review of the much-maligned (unless you’re a developer or penthouse owner) Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan.

Last week the city’s planners implored councillors to use the review to try and contain the contentious height bonuses which have seen apartment towers regularly double the base heights set by the scheme.

While that advice was ignored and councillors decided to progress a community-initiated local planning policy, changes to the CBACP will still carry more weight.

Getting on top of the bonus heights was one of the key platforms of mayor George Gear in his election campaign.

“Over time it has become clear that many long-term residents feel the outcomes now being realised within the area are not meeting their expectations and understanding of the original vision,” Mr Gear said.

“We need to ensure that we can meet state government infill targets while being sensitive to our community, and in a way that adds value to their quality of life and amenity.”

Key areas included in the review are height controls, density, transition areas between the different height zones and the incentives offered 

to developers in return for community benefits.

First step in the review will be an online survey, which is available at http://www.melvillecity. until November 10.


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