New phase for Cockburn

COCKBURN’S red-hot greenfield suburbs will be built out within 15 years.

A new planning strategy from Cockburn council, soon to go out for comment, says after 2036 the city’s population growth will have to come from Coogee and Cockburn Central, while infill will have to step up in Coolbellup and Hamilton Hill.

The planning strategy looks at how to manage the change to ensure housing types reflect demand – particularly with an ageing population that might not want the McMansions of today.

Cockburn’s acting manager of strategic planning Carol Catherwood said neighbourhood plans would aim to “improve liveability” in the older suburbs as well as spark a revitalisation.

“The local planning strategy will focus on achieving better design outcomes for our suburbs in line with the DesignWA suite of planning documents and this will change the way the city considers development proposals by requiring new developments to respond to the need to contribute to, and respond to, local character – for all suburbs one component of this is the provision of trees,” Ms Catherwood said.

It also reflects a growing demand from residents to protect the natural environment, with recommendations to minimise clearing in sensitive areas, address the heat island effect through planting and address climate change.

“As an example, the city is proposing the requirement for all grouped dwellings (units) to provide a 3x3m garden area for a tree/garden area,” Ms Catherwood said.

“This will assist infill dwellings to fit in with existing residential character and to contribute to a green, leafy streetscape character.

“Design guidelines have already been adopted to ensure new development contributes positively to identified neighbourhood character.”

She said there will be a focus on increasing green cover in commercial and industrial areas, while developers will be required to consider retaining stands of bushland.

The council wants Cockburn Central elevated to a “strategic metropolitan centre” while another growth centre needs to be found in the eastern corridor.

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