Petition lodged

Monique Gray and Spearwood Residents Association members Antony Svilicich, Len Glamuzina and John Cunai present the petition to Labor MLC Pierre Yang. Photo by Steve Grant.

A THOUSAND-STRONG petition calling for an upgrade to a dangerous rail crossing on Rockingham Road in Spearwood has made it into WA Parliament.

On Wednesday members 

of the Spearwood Residents Association joined lead petitioner Monique Gray on the steps of Parliament to present the petition to upper house Labor backbencher Pierre Yang.

Mr Yang promised to get the petition tabled, but was circumspect about the group’s chances of shaking money out of the McGowan government, only offering up that everyone has a right to have their petitions heard.

Residents association stalwart John Cunai said they only needed a couple of hundred thousand dollars to make the crossing safer. There have been two fatal accidents at the site.

Ms Gray said at a meeting with Willagee MP Peter Tinley recently she joked that if the hold-up was money, the government could simply relocate the pedestrian maze from Wattleup, which doesn’t have any residents.

Despite getting the petition tabled, she says they’ll still be collecting online signatures at

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