Petition for beach crossing upgrade

Locals say the crossing to South Beach isn’t safe for pedestrians, as this gentleman discovered. Photo supplied.

IT didn’t take long to get the evidence to support South Fremantle precinct co-convenor Kavi Guppta’s petition for a safer pedestrian crossing to get local residents across Marine Terrace to South Beach.

Mr Guppta only had to wait a few moments at the intersection near Scott Street before a four-wheel-drive found itself dodging a gent who hadn’t made it across before the lights changed.

He says its a frighteningly regular occurrence.

“This intersection is the only formal crossing into South Beach, with vehicle traffic turning in and out of the public car park, as well as the Fremantle Sailing Club,” Mr Guppta said.

“When cars are turning right from the sailing club/dog beach onto Marine Terrace, they should be giving way to pedestrians.

“However, the signage is very small, and many drivers and pedestrians alike do not seem aware of this rule, which can often make it unsafe.”

Mr Guppta said the crossing was already busy, and the opening of nearby Running With Thieves brewery would only make it busier.

He wants Fremantle council, Main Roads and the McGowan government to work together to install better crossing signals.

Mr Guppta’s petition can be found at:


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