Dance Drs

Meet the faces behind Freo’s funkiest new fitness event on Monday nights.

DID you know just one hour of dancing burns off more calories than jogging – around 800 calories (the equivalent of one slice of Aunty Pearl’s Christmas pudding).

At Dance Drs there’s no set moves, no instructor and it’s nice and dark like a nightclub, so you can just let your body move to the beats without worrying what anyone else is thinking (or doing). The music is loud and there’s only bangers (that’s the best tunes) with no repeat and no boring bits. And we’ve got a super projector and screen to keep you entertained or inspired.

Dance Drs is so cheap – just $7 for two hours. Meet your mates there or make new ones, and when you need a break, you can enjoy the best views over Fremantle while enjoying a members-priced drink at the Navy Club’s top floor.

To find out more about us, look us up on Facebook – Double D’s Presents – Dance Dr Mondays. Our next events are Monday January 11 and 18.

I’m Dr Jacob and I started Dance Drs last month because dancing used to get me super fit in my 20s and I wanted to bring back the beats.
I used to dance my butt off in nightclubs ’til the wee hours.
I did weights at the gym but never any cardio. I didn’t need to thanks to my nights out.
I’m 42 now, I can’t stand jogging on a treadmill – bores me to tears.
I’m not a good dancer, I just like to dance while nobody’s watching.
It feels good especially when it’s your favourite songs.
It’s such a simple concept because there must be others out there who love to go out dancing but don’t wanna deal with all the late night BS that goes with it.
It’s all about the beats. We start with your old and new faves in pop, rock and disco. We throw in some rnb, a little rap. All classics. Only bangers. You’ve danced to them before.
We take you on a journey as we up the tempo through to your club classics for the last hour which get harder, deeper and faster ’til you feel like you’ve run a marathon.

I’m Dr Mignon and I  had a significant birthday recently (gulp). Milestones tend to get you thinking about what is important in life.
Obvious questions like, how do I want my next years to be?
One of the answers for me was the realisation that I needed to include more exercise in my life.
More stuff that gets the heart rate up.
But I don’t like running and I don’t like the gym either.
I do like dancing.

I’m Dr Jacqui and for me it’s all about the shoes.
At my age the shoes you want to wear out are shoes you never want to dance in!
I can wear whatever I want to Dance Drs.
I cannot tell you how less stressed and re-energised I feel after an hour or two of dancing – it’s better than a massage.
Our unique treat is the funny videos on our projector screen while you’re dancing.
You’re definitely going to forget that you’re actually working out.

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