Call to bowl units

Liberal Bicton candidate Nicole Robins and shadow housing minister Tony Krsticevic at the Alexander Road flats after the crime forum. Photo supplied.

THE Liberal candidate for Bicton has called for a trouble-plagued Homeswest complex in East Fremantle to be demolished and rebuilt into modern housing.

Nicole Robins and Opposition housing shadow Tony Krsticevic met with East Fremantle residents a fortnight ago to discuss ongoing issues with the complex on Alexander Road.

One woman told the forum she bypassed Alexander Road on her daily walks because it felt unsafe.

Others said they often had to call police about drug dealing and anti-social behaviour stemming from the complex or car break-ins in surrounding streets, and while there was usually a response, the perpetrators were soon back and the problems started up again.

They complained that despite Homeswest promises in 2017 that probationary tenancies and an “intensive” management trial would be implemented at the site, nothing had changed.

Ms Robins said she had written to housing minister Peter Tinley urging him to intervene.

She said while not all the complex’s tenancy deserved to be tarred with the same brush, action was needed.

“I’ve called on the minister to liaise with WA Police to confirm details of the relevant complaints in an effort to evict troublesome residents and mitigate their negative impact on our local community,” she said.

“Significantly, I’ve also requested the WA Housing Authority to initiate the development of an urban renewal program for the site to provide modern social housing that complies with the authority’s ‘one in every nine’ policy.

“Redeveloping the site would allow tenants to enjoy modern accommodation whilst also ensuring a mixed-use site.”

Ms Robins said the site would need an up-zoning from East Fremantle council and the WA Planning Commission in order to achieve that outcome.

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