Letters 23.1.21

Tidy nature

HAVING seen the tent city for the first time the other day, I was impressed by the tidy nature of it; not really an eyesore at all, as has been promoted by the nimby brigade.

It also shows there is still some compassion left in this ever more solipsistic society we live in. 

The initial sight of the tents may even lead some of the better-off in the community to wonder why, in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. we cannot to better to house those living well below the margins of the community.

Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra

Most welcome

I HAVE just completed my fourth morning stroll among my new neighbors at Pioneer Park. And without the dreaded fence.

Every time I go there I think I have died and gone to heaven.

Their friendliness and acceptance of me at face value and the greeting I get is the highlight of my week. 

It’s actually quite astounding. 

I just let them know they are most welcome and their company is appreciated. 

Can the understanding of the plight of the homeless ever be understated? 

Some might dismiss this as idiot compassion, but one day we could all be just one step away from homelessness. 

I will leave the issue of “TapGate” for another time and place, disturbing as it is, but in the interim perhaps premier Mark McGowan could remove himself from the dizzy heights of his Covid glory and get down here to Fremantle and write his name in the stars with a fair and equitable accomodation solution for our most needy.

Gary Johnson

Dangerous and untenable

THERE can be few Fremantle residents who remain unaware that Pioneer Park in Fremantle has been turned into a ‘Tent City’.

The camp has grown since its inception on Boxing Day and is now home to approximately 100 people, who would otherwise be without a home.

Recognising the deteriorating situation of people who are homeless in Fremantle and regardless of the origins of Tent City, I believe we are now in a dangerous and untenable position.

We are faced with a large group of very vulnerable people without a safe place to sleep each night, and the limited facilities in Pioneer Park are simply not suitable for long-term habitation. As the council has lately observed, some of these people are in need of specialised support services, which are not readily available at this location.

Given their dependence on visitors, many small and family businesses in Fremantle are in a precarious state.

Tent City is now having a negative impact on local small and family businesses in the city.

I am writing to plead for both the minister for housing Peter Tinley and minister for community services Simone McGurk to set aside their differences with the so-called “anarchists”, and take immediate action to address both interim and long-term housing solutions for people who are homeless in Fremantle.

The failure to do so is causing real harm to local small and family businesses, tourism, residents, and those who rely on the very limited facilities at Tent City because they have nowhere else to go. 

Sue Fergusson


I JUST saw your news reports where mayor Brad Pettitt talks about how the state government needs to get ahead of the game. 

Under his leadership at the City of Fremantle he has reduced social outreach workers, discontinued the women’s domestic violence refuge, sold off crisis accommodation in Hilton and White Gum Valley, got rid of youth outreach workers, shut community day care centres and demolished them, and the most recent demolished a site on South Terrace known as the Stan Reilly Centre which the city owned which had 38 beds for homeless operated by St Pats – and turned it into a carpark. 

He has pushed for the estate in Beaconsfield to be converted from social housing to high density housing for hipsters. 

That strikes me as the height of hypocricy.

Peter Tagliaferri J.P.
Annie St, Beaconsfield
The Ed says: Mr Tagliaferri is a former mayor of Fremantle.


AS a supporter of the mighty East Freo Sharks, I was delighted to read that the Liberal party has committed $20 million to the East Fremantle oval redevelopment. 

East Fremantle and South Fremantle Football Clubs have easily the worst facilities in the competition, whilst many WAFL clubs already have brand new state of the art club rooms (just look at what Claremont and Perth have!). 

But more than that, it’s really good to see what the Town of East Fremantle is proposing to do for the greater community and I am excited by the overall masterplan. 

Matthew Charlton

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