Sweet dreams

People enjoy a spooky Coma. Photo courtesy of Realscape Productions

FANCY lying down in a claustrophobic sea container in the dark for half an hour?

That is the premise of the outré and slightly scary Fringe World show Coma.

Set in a 40ft sea-container lined with bunk beds, audience members are bombarded with noises and lights as they lie disorientated in the dark.

The setting is reminiscent of a hospital ward, and although the show was created before covid-19, it is more confronting now we are in the throes of a pandemic.  

A collaboration between UK company Darkfield and Australia’s Realscape Productions, Coma is the third in their acclaimed multi-sensory series, following Seance and Flight which are also showing at the festival. 

“Imagine the moment of waking up is actually the moment when your dream begins,” say the show’s creators. 

“In light of this new and strange reality, how can we save you from the unspeakable horrors which lurk in the dark recesses of your mind?  

“The only cure we offer is a placebo and a promise. Please remember when you leave, to take your body with you.”  

Those looking for a taste of what to expect before Fringe World can tune in to Darkfield Radio, a series of spooky audio “encounters” designed to be experienced at home.  

Darkfield’s creators David Rosenberg and Glen Neath are the brains behind these immersive experiences, receiving praise from extended reality (XR) and VR communities for their ability to create worlds using only sound. 

Coma, Flight and Seance will run at various times from Tuesday to Sunday in the Woodside Pleasure Garden until February 14. Tix and times at fringeworld.com.au

By Stephen Pollock

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