Topical tunes  

Some of the characters in Me Too the Musical.

SEXUAL assault, social media addiction and low self-esteem feature in the dark comedy Me Too The Musical.

The no-holds-barred show exposes the misogynist behaviour some women have endured over the past decades and the lasting impact it has on them today.

Empowering and cleverly executed, there’s lots of laughs while you wince at the powerful message. 

Not for the easily offended, no one is safe in Me Too The Musical.

“Yes we absolutely do have a crack at Weinstein, Epstein, Cosby and all those other perverts out there,” say the show’s creators.

“We wanted to create a show which highlighted the monstrous behaviour of these men in power and how women somehow still pander to this notion of needing to act or look a certain way to be desired and find happiness. 

“By taking an unapologetically comedic approach to these topics and incorporating some incredibly irreverent and catchy original songs, we aim to draw focus to some of the very real and all too confronting issues facing women today. In a cheeky and accessible way, of course”. 

There’s still a chance to catch Me Too The Musical, which is on until tomorrow (Sunday January 24) at the Girls School in East Perth, as part of Fringe World.

Tix at 

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