Freo an elite getaway?

Artist James Giddy with his mural for stockbroker Andrea Morgan.

COULD coastal suburbs like Fremantle become a new getaway for the city’s corporate elite?

Stockbroker Andrea Morgan believes it could; she’s just bought an apartment in the West End to avoid the traffic snarl that accompanies every trip down south and reckons others in her circle are looking to do the same.

“My husband couldn’t bear me always answering the phone and doing business for the whole drive down there,” Ms Morgan said.

Having a long association with the port city stretching back to the America’s Cup, she said it was the obvious place to set up their “love nest” and when an apartment in Mouat Street came on the market (itself a product of the Cup’s transformative effect on the city) she snapped it up.

“I wanted somewhere there was a lot of culture around, and that’s what Fremantle is well known for; it’s got so much within walking distance.”

The couple have been busy renovating the apartment, which is tucked back from the street offering them the privacy they’re so keen to foster, and recently Ms Morgan commissioned local artist James Giddy to brighten up the alfresco balcony with a new mural artwork.

While she was an admirer of his bird-themed work for some time, she admits his decision to grace the wall with a large seagull was something of a surprise to her friends who expected something a little more exotic. But she says it’s in perfect keeping with Fremantle, particularly as Giddy has incorporated a scene of the city’s Esplanade reserve in the image.

Fremantle chamber of commerce CEO Danicia Quinlan said she hadn’t come across any Freochangers, but her own experience wasn’t so far off.

“Having had my Christmas staycation perched at the end of fishing boat harbour at 

Be.Fremantle I can concur it makes for a very easy getaway,” Ms Quinlan said.

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