Letters 13.2.21

Vet complex tenants

I REFER to the article “Call to bowl units” that appeared in your recent edition (Herald, January 16, 2021).

I live in Palmyra but have a friend who lives in East Fremantle, not far from Alexander Road. 

The units mentioned often come up in conversation and never in a positive way.  

It’s alright to want to ‘bowl the flats over’ and build a sparkling new premises, however, this won’t immediately solve the problem.

More importantly, I believe, is to more carefully vet the type of tenants that you choose to reside there. 

I think that the type of people that you should be looking at are ones who will contribute to the community and not hinder it.  

People who are thoroughly deserving of a new start in life by being given a new and respectable place to live in.

People who are more interested in trying to live a productive and respectful life, rather than harass passers by, have violent domestics or deal in or take drugs.

By doing this, the East Fremantle powers-that-be just may have a chance of turning a troubled and problem area into somewhere that can be an integral part of the community.’

Steve Grady
Murray Road, Palmyra


Hi, whilst not earth-shattering news, I just had to share this photo… name and shame.

This was taken outside the disabled/unisex toilet at Port Beach at midday on a recent Friday in January when temperatures sat about 40 degrees. 

The car park was only half full, as many had left at that time. 

And as another onlooker pointed out, there were plenty of shaded areas they could have parked.

The driver really should be in the hot seat!  Shame on you.

The Ed says: Breathtakingly inconsiderate! We’ll only reveal half the number plate, just in case it was a genuine mistake, but keep your eye out Donna. Any more of this and we won’t be so considerate.

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