Sporting affair 

THANK God they didn’t build a Wave Park on the Alfred Cove foreshore.

This week my wife and I went for lunch at Tompkins Club on Swan, enjoying glorious uninterrupted views of parkland, birdlife and the river.

That could have all been replaced with some Point Break morons sloshing around a metal dome screaming “Hey dude, I caught a ripper!”

I hand’t heard of Tompkins Club, but since its refurbishment in January, A-frame signs have started popping-up advertising it’s open for meals Wednesday to Sunday.

Then my mate “Pete the Scouser” texted he was watching the Liverpool game there on a massive screen, so it was time to check it out.

 Befitting a sports club, the menu was compact and to the point with a small range of pub classics like wagyu beef burger, chicken parmi, sirloin steak and calamari.

There was some salads and the odd vegetarian dish like roast cauliflower with broccolini, tofu, quinoa and tomatoes, but don’t come here expecting petal-infused kombucha.

The test of any sport club’s mettle is the chicken parmi ($19), a dish so Australian it should come with an A3 poster of Paul Hogan wrestling a crocodile naked.

I’ve had some big parmis in my time but this specimen was ginormous – a thick slab of chicken breast that screamed “Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough”.

It tasted the part with succulent chook topped with a moreish tomato sauce and a rich layer of inoffensive cheddar cheese.

The accompanying beer-battered chips were deliciously light and addictive, and the salad was no limp after-thought – a nice medley of greens and tomatoes with a complex dressing.

Across the table my wife was getting tore into her grilled lamb rump salad ($22).

“They haven’t skimped on the lamb, which is nice and tender and not over-cooked,” she said.

“I love the combination of roast beetroot, rocket, spinach and goats curd, however a bit more curd would have balanced the strong flavour of the lamb.

“It’s a hearty salad with lots of flavour.”

Again the portion was humungous and my wife couldn’t finish her meal, and I struggled to put away mine, so you might want to order a lighter dish if you’re there for lunch (toasties are available).

The refurbishment looked superb with massive floor-to-ceiling windows towering upwards and a huge hi-res screen on the wall.

It would be a great venue for watching sport with friends and family, with the bar stocking a wide range of beers and spirits at reasonable prices.

Guests are welcome at the not-for-profit club, but if you want to drink alcohol you need to be a member or dine with a member.

It’s a one-off $20 fee to join, with the money then added to your membership card as credit.

Ironically by getting drunk you will be benefitting sport, with 10 per cent of the cost of beverages purchased going towards your nominated club – Melville Cricket Club, Fitness Results, Tompkins Park Touch Association or Perth Saints Football Club.

Tompkins also do teas/coffees and desserts, and you can see the nearby playground from one end of the alfresco.

Surf’s Up, but not at Tompkins.

Tompkins Club on Swan
632 Canning Highway, Alfred Cove
9330 6010


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