Letters 6.3.21


THE recent Fremantle blatant political pork-barrelling exercise is a case of showmanship over substance. 

By dragging in popular media personalities with little practical knowledge of the technical complexities of film studio design and logistical requirements except their very narrow but professional knowledge of their own particular craft to promote questionable development projects is a regular ploy by ambitious business entrepreneurs to hoodwink naïve government advisors and ministers. 

It is unfortunate the premier has fallen into the trap of grasping at any ill-conceived idea to splash the cash in the hope it will garner the votes of gullible electors such as the proposed film studio complex on the Fremantle wharf. 

As one whose career and involvement with the local film industry spans six decades I have seen similar grandiose schemes floating to the surface every decade or so, all making sense to property developers but are of little practical value to the immediate and future needs of the local industry.

There is a requirement for more convenient sound stages and facilities to accommodate local film producers and professional support services. 

However there are far more practical and economical sites, some quite close to Fremantle where such an investment should be made – not on prime waterfront land which will be a bonanza for the developers pushing the project.  

They are aware of the tenuous viability of a studio on the site which has been tacked on to their commercial development project but are hoping it will eventually fall over, allowing them convert the studio space to more lucrative commercial development. 

The premier and his suspect advisers have failed to consult with local professionals who are currently or have worked in the international and Australian feature film industry. 

There are dozens of reasons why the wharf is a bad choice of location for this facility but unfortunately unless you are a land or property developer, you have little chance of your case being heard by those remote from reality at the top of the terrace. 

Daryl Binning
Bull Creek

One star review

This email is in reference to your Food Review of the “Tompkins on Swan” from last week.

It is extremely disappointing and more so amateur to politicise “Wave Park” in relation to the restaurant at Tompkins Park. Tell your reviewer to invest in a Sat Nav or Compass as his inaccurate guess is completely wrong as to the geographical placement of the Wave Park, which would have taken the place of the existing Melville Bowls facility which is at the opposite end of the ovals to the Tompkins Park venue.

The assertion about Wave Park having a negative effect on Tompkins’ ability to run their café/restaurant is completely false and misleading and baseless. 

Wave Park would have brought more people to the precinct which would have only helped Tompkin’s ability to generate greater revenue from food sales, much as other restaurants in Kearns Crescent benefit from I’l Ciao’s overflow.

I was privy to meetings that were held on the Wave Park’s impending impact on the Tompkin’s Park Clubrooms and this was not one of the negative’s that were brought up.

I live in Alfred Cove and no I am not a surfer, nor was I an investor in Wave Park. What I don’t like is inaccurate journalism.

Chris Preedy
Alfred Cove

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