Queen of Quizzle

Layla Teede-Inns and Andrea Stacey have brought back Quizzle. Photo by Steve Grant.

REVIVING a simple card game that disappeared from shops years ago has helped give a young Port School student a huge confidence boost and will help other kids whose families are doing it tough.

Year 10 student Layla Teede-Inns and the school’s student support services coordinator Andrea Stacey started working on bringing back Quizzle in 2019 as part of a project to explore entrepreneurial skills.

Ms Stacey said she came across the game when she bought a pack for her one-year-old son – he’s now in his 30s – and thought it would be a good project for Layla.


“Originally the cards were hand-written and we used a computer program to design a snappy cover,” Ms Stacey said.

“The cards had to be cut, laminated, re-cut and sorted; needless to say, this process was time-consuming.”

That became a problem when word about Quizzle started spreading around the school and the pair suddenly found themselves swamped with orders.

Ms Stacey said that flipped Layla into the next level of entrepreneurialism, as she had to pitch a business plan to school principal Barry Finch.

He signed off on a run of 100 sets with a local printing firm and the school is now selling them for $20, with the $5 profit going towards a hardship fund.

The rules of Quizzle are simple; there’s a deck with categories such as “something with legs” and a deck with letters, and the first person to offer an appropriate answer wins the round.

Layla said the process of putting the game together had given her more confidence about her future, while playing had helped her schoolwork.

“It helps me to think a bit faster, and I can do my work a bit quicker,” she said.

Port is a curriculum and reengagement in education, or CARE school which caters for students who have not found a fit in mainstream education, and Layla says her two years there have transformed her day at school.

“I love it, I enjoy myself much more,” she said, noting the students had just come back from a day at Kings Park taking part in a scavenger hunt.

With Quizzle neatly fitting into a box the size of a pack of business cards, school supplies firm Ziggies has taken a sample for consideration, while Games World in Booragoon have agreed to stock them. Otherwise call the school on 9335 6323 to order a Quizzle.


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