LETTERS 3.4.21

Too blokey

CAN we please not name the redeveloped Kings Square after yet another man!

Or related to one specific culture, Indigenous or Italian! 

And Midgegoroo was executed as a murderer?

And Kings Square is so irrelevant now to Fremantle … Koort is the only name I like so far because it means heart; it’s not about gender, race, deeds!

Can’t we have a name that reflects coming together of all cultures, creeds, nationalities, not male or female or exclusive of other cultures … something about family and community being the heart of Freo… KOORT FREO.

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Land grab

THE brilliant new ABC documentary Exposed alleges underworld figure Abe Saffron engineered the 1979 Ghost Train fire at Luna Park Sydney that killed seven people. Reason? He wanted the harbour-front land.

Here in WA, with an election stunt designed to sway Fremantle people upset at the government’s proposed relocation of the port to Kwinana in 2032, the McGowan government proposed over 8000 square metres of high rise film studios on Victoria Quay, choosing a company ironically named Home Fire Creative Industries. 

While not implying any links with the Ghost Train fire, the whole set up reeks of what international film director Dean Head called “an incredibly greedy developer’s land grab”.

Just as Abe Saffron wanted control of prime harbour-front land, the developers behind the film studio proposal stand to control possibly the most valuable land in Fremantle – on the harbour, and immediately adjacent to the railway station.

Dean supports Fremantle Society concerns about getting this proposal right: “The (Fremantle Society) statements are correct. The recently announced studio plan is an incredibly greedy land grab attempt by property developers who are pulling the wool over the eyes of the government. At the same time, no one in the government has any experience with what is actually required for a proper studio to work as a functional space.” 

Fremantle MP Simone McGurk headed a secret committee that recommended Victoria Quay for the film studios, apparently unaware that the area is a historical precinct of national importance.

She dismisses the work of groups like the Fremantle Society which have worked for 30 years to promote good development there which enhances the maritime history of Victoria Quay, by saying we want it to stay exactly the way it is. Utter nonsense.

It would help if she, and members of Fremantle council waxing so ecstatically about movie stars locked away in huge privatised boxes on Victoria Quay, actually read some of the planning policies for the area. 

Such documents normally guide grownups in their decision making. 

The conservation plan for Victoria Quay was done by Fremantle Ports after eight years of lobbying by the Fremantle Society. It points out the values of the lumpers’ workplace that saw millions of migrants and masses of cargoes. It points to values that need to be conserved. But, Fremantle council don’t even have a copy. 

Perhaps councillors might read their own policy for the area (DGF26) which states: “height and scale of new buildings should reflect the height of the existing shed structures.”

Let’s see the McGowan government spend money in Fremantle for a change, but let’s get it right. Fremantle is a world famous heritage town. Those values need to be added to, not diminished by juvenile hyperventilation.

John Dowson President
The Fremantle Society

So long IGA

SADLY the IGA Store in Paget Street Hilton has been forced, by the actions of others, to close it’s doors.

To the owner of the store, and the wonderful staff, I offer a heartfelt thank you for the service and support that you gave to the your customers and the wider community.

Your store always put the customer and their needs first and was a happy friendly place to shop.

I wish you all a future full of success and happiness.

Pat Newton
Alexandra Rd, East Fremantle

Surely the people have spoken

I READ with interest that Midgegooroo made it to the second round discussing for a potential name change from Kings Square. 

While I thought “Koort” was quite a nice name, I couldn’t help but think whatever the outcome it’s almost certainly already been decided.

Your article says there were 194 submissions with 128 newly suggested names. 

Retaining the existing name scored a third (66) of the submissions. 

It would be reasonable to assume the next in line was way second. 

Call me cynical but is there really a need to look at a name change if support for Kings Square is so high?

Neil Willis
Martha St, Beaconsfield

One response to “LETTERS 3.4.21

  1. In reply to EAF’s letter “Too Blokey”; I suppose that the allied Queens Square” also in Fremantle is thus too “Karenish”.
    You need to have a good look at the town’s layout as done by the esteemed John Septimus Roe when Fremantle was first formed to get a grasp of the links between the various “waypoints” of his design.
    Also I might query as to why EAF thinks that Kings square is now “irrelevant” to our town. It is our heritage, despite the best efforts of the Pettitt-led council to destroy that with his palace. As pointed out by Neil Willis on the same letters page, retaining the name Kings Square is favoured by a noticeable majority (just under 52% actually) of us actual ratepayers.
    Its our town you councillors, not your political football.

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